Stop filling out paper forms at the doctor’s office

online admission forms

Do it Online!

Wouldn’t you just want to go to your doctors appointment and have all your complete and accurate health history with you in an electronic format? That your doctor can review ahead of time and be prepared in advance? Your accurate and up-to-date digital health history is the most important part of the pre-admission process. It has benefits both for the doctor and the patient. Updated and accurate H&Ps, laboratory results, pathology studies, x-rays, and scan can help your health care team deliver better care. Doctors and their staff enjoy benefits as well: reduced pre-visit phone calls and those countless hours they spend compiling medical histories and pushing piles of paper. Each time a new piece of information is available, it gets added to your medical history and gets sent to the entire health care team. Documentation that is accurate and complete is the main element of delivering better care. Good health starts with good records!

iMARSMED makes it simple and easy to keep an accurate and complete electronic health records that both doctors and patients help maintain and access in a meaningful and secure, HIPAA compliant fashion.

Getting started is absolutely easy and painless. Health care professionals can create a free account, and patients get a free account here. – See more at:

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