The 2016 Phase 2 HIPAA Audit Program

19. June 2016 HIPAA 0


“The Office for Civil Rights, under HHS, is ready to begin the next wave of HIPAA compliance audits on covered entities. Find out what they should expect and how to prepare.” For details, please visit:

Data privacy and security is a key requirement for every healthcare professional. HIPAA requires all physicians to train their staff in patient privacy issues and establish policies for handling protected electronic patient records.

iMARSMED offers free tools that you can use to ensure compliancy across multiple platforms — your medical website, practice management software, EHR, cloud storage, etc. For example, adding HIPAA compliant forms on your website is the first step towards ensuring patient data safety. Encrypted and secure web forms are not only mandatory to collect ePHI but also give confidence to your visitors. The use of these forms will help ensure patient data safety and security under the HIPAA guidelines. There is no need for any additional security scripts or certificates to install on your website or server.

Simply create an account to get all the tools to bring world class HIPAA compliancy to your practice.

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